Summer 2023!!

3 Day Summer Camp(Ages 10-13)
3 Day Summer Camp(Ages 5 to 9)
  • Somethings I learned was that how I learned how to lead a horse with a rope and how to stop him/her and lastly I learned how to turn the horses. I think that you can tell my favorite thing here at this amazing camp was the horses.

    -12 year old

  • I learned how to communicate well with a horse. I also learned a few things about gardening. May favorite things to do was put soil into pots and be with the horses. It was fun to do because I was doing these activities with my friends. The food was also really good.

    -14 year old

  • Children came home relaxed, filled with joy and wonderful experiences: sowing seeds, playing with farm animals and guiding the horses through the "obstacle course".

    Wonderful spring camp!

    -Mother of participants

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

E.A.L. is an experience about personal and team growth, with a horse!

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