About Us

Have You ever wanted to Experience how it feels to lead a Horse?

Equine Assisted Learning is Unbelievable!

We have a 12 lessons focused on encouraging personal growth aswell as growth within your relationships. Some of the skills you will build include, confidence, creativity, listening, and team building. 

It all happens in the arena, with you and your team, guiding one of our horses through obstacles. Since horses can not talk, they use their body language to let you know what they are thinking. So naturally, you will learn many things from our horses, and I as a trained facilitator, guide you through the objective of the day and how to incorporate it into your life outside of the arena. 

Cartier Farms in Saskatchewan created the quality program, and Dreamwinds here in Bradford, ON is a satellite farm.

It is an experience that is truly beneficial for everyone!


Katarina Niemi has a passion for working with children, and being with horses has always been special for her. She comes from a family of 10 children and grew up working hard and having fun on their farm. From a young age,  she wanted to start her own business. 

While Katarina searched for something that she could pursue, the idea was planted. She found an equine assisted learning program, and a few months later, she found herself becoming a trained facilitator.

Katarina Niemi’s mission is for people to feel empowered to have strong relationships.

Horses have a special way of teaching us the most important things in life!