What is Equine Assisted Learning?

E.A.L. is creative learning with horses.

This hands on experience is an effective way of encouraging personal and team growth so that it can be applied in your day-to-day life. Participants will learn about communication, leadership, problem solving, and responsibility while working as a team. Previous horse experience is not required in any programs, as all sessions take place on the ground. 


But, Why horses?

  • They are social animals
  • Horses don’t judge
  • Horses can tell how you are feeling by the way you approach them
  • As prey animals, for their survival they are always aware everything around them
  • You get instant feedback from everything you do, think, or feel
  • Leadership is crucial in the herd environment
  • They want want a leader that they can clearly understand directions from
  • Teamwork is needed when working with the horse
  • And, In the wild, their life relies on the strength of their herd, so you need to build a strong team


Let our horse guide your group through challenges where many valuable lessons can be taught!


    Our boys had an amazing March break camp on the Niemi Family Farm with the Niemi Equine Assistant Learning. I highly recommend these camps to everybody who wants their kids to taste how is living on the farm.
    Being around animals is precious 🤗😊.Boys really enjoyed the activities with the horses, that was a special treat😉.The Niemi family is one of a kind, you have to visit their farm ,I m sure you'll be back😉!

    - Ani M


    My 5 year old daughter really enjoyed attending Niemi summer camp! She got to experience farm life and taking care of the animals. The instructors were great!

    - Joey L


    My daughter loved camp so much that she asked to go back another week and invited a bunch of her friends. It was lovely that she enjoyed the outdoors, the many activities that Katarina and Laura put together (s’mores, feeding animals, brushing horses, planting to name a few), and the friends she made! I can’t recommend this camp enough!

    - Mary L


    My daughter LOVED this camp! She went in smiling everyday and was always sad to leave. Her belly was always full, her legs tired from all the running and fun, not to mention her smile from cheek to cheek whenever we talked about her experience.

    This program is one we will be returning to!

    - Carla C


    Being from the heart of Toronto and not having a ton of access to the rural parts of our country I was very excited when I came across Niemi Family Farm and their Equine Assisted Learning March Break camp. My son, who is almost 8 and loves being outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of urban life loved it. He enthusiastically fed the animals, played in the snow, planted in the greenhouse and worked with the horses. He learned so much about teamwork, building relationships with both people and animals, how to regulate his emotions and be calm when working with his peers and the horses. It was an incredible experience and I will be signing him up for another session over the summer. Katarina was kind, patient and very experienced in bringing her love of the farm and horses to these young children.

    - Eleanor M