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Niemi Equine Assisted Learning

3 Day March Break Camp(9-13)

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- Three day camp: Thursday March 16th to Saturday March 18th

- Ages 9 to 13
- Lunch is provided- Chili(Thursday), Sausages and Hotdogs(Friday), and Shepherd Pie(Saturday) - Contact us if you have any questions!
- We might change up the meals between days, and we are flexible with the schedule(for the children), and most importantly, we are here to have fun and learn new things on the farm! :))

10-10:45 : Smores/ Bonfire Time
10:45 - 12 : Games/ Horses
12 - 12:45 : Lunch
12:45 - 1:30 : Crafts/Games
1:30 - 2 : Planting in the Greenhouse

Things we may do on the farm weather dependent:
- Bring a plant home to grow
- Decorate Cookies/Cupcakes
- Snowman Building
- Drinking Hot Chocolate
- Fun games in the arena
- Painting, Drawing, and/or crafting
- Smores
- Feed our cats, sheep and horses
- A short interactive lesson on achieving our dreams:)

What to Bring:
Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, because the children will be playing/planting in the soil!
AND Mittens, Scarf, Snowpants, Jacket, Hat, and Winter Boots :)

We are so excited!!

Welcome to our farm!

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