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Niemi Equine Assisted Learning

1 Day March Break Camp

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- One day camp: Saturday March 11th

- Ages 5 to 9
(let me know if you'd like to book an older child)
- 10am to 4pm
- Lunch is provided- Chili, Sausages and Hotdogs, or Shepherd Pie - Contact us if you have any questions!
- We are flexible with the schedule(for the children), and most importantly, we are here to have fun and learn new things on the farm! :))

10-10:45 : Smores/ Bonfire Time
10:45 - 11:30 : Feed Sheep, Cats, and Horses
11:30 - 12:15 : Lunch
12:15 - 1:30 : Horses
1:30 - 2 : Planting in the Greenhouse
2- 3: Relay Races with small prizes and Crafts
3-3:30 : Decorate Cupcakes
3:30-4 : Games in Arena or Outside

Things we may do on the farm weather dependent:
- Bring a plant home to grow
- Decorate Cookies/Cupcakes
- Snowman Building
- Drinking Hot Chocolate
- Fun games in the arena
- Painting, Drawing, and/or crafting
- Smores
- Feed our cats, sheep and horses

What to Bring:
Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, because the children will be playing/planting in the soil!
AND Mittens, Scarf, Snowpants, Jacket, Hat, and Winter Boots :)

We are so excited!!

Welcome to our farm!

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